Shop by shop we come across the amazing figure of the salesgirl and all of her “way to be”. There are salesgirls who smile nicely and never say a word unless you approach them. They’re friendly and polite and you’ll probably buy something from them just to show your gratitude.  Then there are the salesgirls who feel obliged to be helpful. They’re probably paid on commission and try to help you even if you don’t need it. They might think they’re in “Pretty Woman” and try to show you all the catalogues (merchandise? clothes lines?) of the F/W and S/S too! What they don’t understand is that seeing all those dresses will actually overwhelm you and cause you to walk away without purchasing anything (poor salesgirl!)!

And last but not least, there are those annoying, snobby and exasperating salesgirls who give you their advice as if it’s something you can’t live without. They show you the catalog ( ? see note above) with little enthusiasm and in the end tell you, “everything you wear is perfect, especially with this (fancy) accessory!”, acting like they’re the best fashion expert in the world.

The correct response is “ WHO ASKED FOR YOUR DAMN HELP?” Which brings me to the point: these selfmade “fashion experts” aren’t doing their dream job, they’re simply trying to make themselves as helpful as possible. They’re not our friends, they’re not our relatives but they think they’re doing us a huge favor by preventing us from going out without the perfect accessory. We went into the shop just to buy a simple black tank top to wear to the gym and now we must listen to the endless advice of these personal stylists and we don’t even say thanks… how UNGRATEFUL!!

They engage us to conceal the truth, to hide the fact that this red dress is too tight and hugs your butt as though you were Beyoncè at the VMAs, and we don’t even realize how much this is useful (?). Everybody knows that women ask men what they think not because they want the truth, but because they need reassurance. If her partner tells the truth he will probably trigger the third, fourth or fifth world war. This need for reassurance seems to be a weakness that nobody is immune to. Men and women act in the same way and both need the same kind of answers, reassuring, false and promising answers. We ask our mothers if they likes our first drawings in kindergarten, a bunch of squiggly lines that will be affixed to the fridge as though it were the best Van Gogh’s ever. We ask our partners if they think that we have put on weight after Christmas and despite the 10 pounds, they answer, no, we definitely didn’t and maybe we even lost some weight. And we live by these lies, we need them and there isn’t any problem.

So here is the question: is the truth­ with­ no ­exception important? It depends on the truth!

Too tight jeans make us feel like J.Lo, who has the right to tell us that they don’t fit at all and we should get our money back? After all this, it’s the “false shopgirl who just want her reward” who does us a big favor! Any lies will ruin our relationship, so we keep buying with or without her and she keep selling and lying because this is what she is paid to do. It’s all about altruism. She gives us affirmation without asking for anything in return and we walk away more self confident without having to spend our money and time on a therapist. So buy those jeans sister and wear them untill they tear apart, and conquer the world because it’s yours and you deserve it! And tip that salesgirl! ;)