“Game of Thrones” docet: we’re already at the phase following the famous quotation “Winter is coming”.  Cold and wind are already here, and they’ve brought with them the “Christmas presents panic”.  Yes, the countdown for the decisive day has started.

We’ve officially entered the “Christmas is coming” phase.

In this regard I think that in the world several types of people exist: the ones who, as soon as they perceive the very first magic atmosphere of the Christmas lights, decorations and trees, feel the impellent need of getting a head start in buying presents and do something thoughtful; the fearless ones, who can easily wait for the very last days before Christmas to look around; and the ones who are totally indifferent in buying horrible presents to everyone and basically act at random with the only purpose to spend the less possible.

If you feel part of the first category, then we have some interesting information, useful for your Christmas attitude. Do you remember those wonderful advent calendars that grandmas used to gave (and maybe still give) to their grandchildren, those calendars full of chocolate and delicious stuff? Well, for all the makeup – skincare -nail art – fragrances (and so on) addicted, this Christmas there’s an advent calendar for you! Actually there are A LOT of offers, for all the tastes and all the pockets, so……Enjoy!


Sephora (Limited Edition) – makeup, bath products and accessorizes (about 42 $)


L’Occitane (Limited edition) –  in collaboration with My Little Paris (French magazine) and the illustrator Kanako  (about 41 $)


Lush (Limited edition) – creams, soaps, bath creams (about 80 $)


Clarins – makeup remover, moisturizers, highlighters (52 $)


The Body Shop – (two versions)

“24 Happy days” (green) – soaps, moisturizers, bath cream, lip butter, nail polish (about 80$)


Deluxe version (red) – same components of the green one, but also makeup elements (about 106$)


For the nail art lovers:

Ciate – nail polish of every type, from the classics to the glittered ones (62$ at Sephora)


For the haircare lovers:

Kerastase – all the newest products of the brand (about 90$)


If you feel really luxurious people, try:

Diptyque – candles and fragrances (about 318$)


Jo Malone –  fragrances (275$)



Lancome must have (126$)


Charlotte Tilbury – “Book of Makeup Magic” : skincare products (222$)


As for the medio-economic brand you can also find the advent calendars from Douglas (21$); Essence (hardly reachable); Ecco Verde, which includes a mixture of fragrances of the Primavera brand and one aromatic stone (48$); Benefit (52$); Selfridges (88$); N7 (57$).

So, if you’re not really able to avoid to count the days from Christmas and you really want to feel beautiful every day, the last chance you have is try to convince your grandmas, husbands, boyfriends, mums, cousins, uncles and aunts, and all the people you know to buy one of these calendars for you!