This post is dedicated to two kinds of girls: the ones who are very influenced by the weather conditions, so their outfit mirrors the temporary weather situations; and the endless positive ones, who would paint their children face with watercolors.

Whether you belong to one category or the other, please note that what you’re going to read will make you feel an urgent need for colors and it will help you to revise your certainties (in case you’re victims of the “total black wardrobe”), or to put in order your imaginary rainbow (in case you risk to appear like a Carnival-addicted person every time you go out).

So, why don’t we demolish all together this wall of sadness and grayness that constrains us during winter? Why do we have to continue introducing elements of procyclicality (as the more economist ones would say) making our outfits darker and sadder?

As an incentive to react, prepare to an injection of glee and help yourselves in making your winter a colorful one (with style).

Who said that to appear professional is needed an iron gray or a “smoke of London” gray dress?

You can be credible and reliable also expressing yourselves and using the colors that represent your personality. Seeing is believing:

For your free time, when you’re completely relaxing and you’re out of the box, let the madness of color carry you and don’t care about the rules (with moderation):

And to conclude the relaxing days, an amazing nightout with friends, a bit chic, a bit “good mannered”, a bit “I want to be stunning with no effort” (Sex and the city docet):

And then we come to the “citizen of the world” women, the lovers of the grandes soires and the crystal glasses full of Champagne.  It’s still prohibited to surrender to black and renounce to color. But, if you don’t really know where to start and you’re afraid of going too far, here you find some suggestions:

After all these inputs, I hope you became conscious of the fact that you have an endless variety of tones to use (with balance) to escape from the usual useless colors.

But mostly, if you wake up a morning and you feel apathetic, a bit depressed, with low incentive to live, please don’t surrender to  slovenliness. Don’t  throw on yourself clothes at random and don’t refuse to do your makeup. Those are the moments that need your reaction.

Therefore a touch of blush, a bit of mascara and lot of color. SMILE!

If you’re interested in suggestions about super colorful accessorizes, plese have a look at our pills!