“Like a journey not yet traveled or a passion one dares not voice, a dream is nothing until realized… until it’s captured”

S. Partington

Last night I was so lucky to be invited to the opening party of a great retrospective. One could say “what’s the big deal? it’s just another party, it’s just another exhibition, it’s just another hipster and his so called art in New York City”.  Well let me tell you this, Vladislav Borimsky is not a hipster and his art is real.

The night had all the right ingredients to be successful. The recently opened Italian restaurant Sottocasa in Williamsburg hosted the party with, no need to say, good food and good wines and beers, djs spinned good music at the beginning and the great Brooklyn based Postpunk Band In Silhouette performed at the end of the night. Seventysix photos on the walls and many people staring at them with sincere admiration in their eyes.

Partington introducing the exhibition wrote “We all have dreams. Not just fleeting wisps of a vision, the morning light or a door slam will wipe from the mind, but those of the heart and soul. Ones that, when pursued, will alter our lives and the lives of those around us in irrevocable and unimaginable ways.”

What Vladislav Borimsky did in his past few years in New York City is capture little moments all over the streets of this busy little world from his own unique point of view. Through his camera he’s been able to stop  time for a second and trap it in beautiful images giving us, last night, the pleasure and the honor of being part of it. He shared with us what NYC has been to him in many different ways. Not only the overestimated Brooklyn Bridge, not only the magnificent Empire State Building and not only Yellow Cabs. New York City to him is also a sparkling Williamsburg Bridge (which he used to admire every night from his patio), New York City is vintage cars, it’s a moment of silence for a death and little purple flowers. New York is heads turned to admire a beautiful woman crossing the street, New York is amazing wrinkled faces and blurred loves and a happy dog playing in the water of a hydrant in a summer day. And New York is powerful and shining in black and white and, over all, New York screams.

Since the very first time I saw one of his portraits I knew that Vladislav Borimsky was the Robert Doisneau of our era and New York his Paris.

When you meet Vlad the first time he seems calm and quiet, humble but aware, when you meet him the second and the third time you see the sensibility in his eyes with a little sparkle of one who dreams, and dreams out loud. He’s one of those people who changes your life if you let him in just a little bit. All these things are now hanging on Sottocasa’s walls and some of them are already in peoples houses all over New York City. I even heard that someone in Barcelona is furnishing his own New York room with his photos.

And I’m telling you, don’t you miss the chance to have one of his “Dreams” in your apartment now because I’m a little of a medium and tomorrow you won’t be able to afford a Borimsky.

I already have mine, what are you waiting for?