Today we’re going to talk about an evergreen: pearls. Every girl who loves Cocò has a pearl necklace or a pair of earrings in her drawer. Wearing pearls is so easy, they fit every kind of outfit and the result is very sophisticated. I personally love pearls and I wear them a lot in every kind of situation, from the very casual one to  the very elegant. Even if it could seem a bit expected, I think that the best way to wear them is with black. Yes, I love black and I love pearls. I often feel like this:


Anyway, I’ll show you some pictures below of high and medium level pearl jewelry, in case you still need an evergreen or you’re thinking about adding a new piece to your collection.

Starting from the very best, Chanel:


Van Cleef & Arpel:


Tiffany & Co. :

Yoko London :




As you can see there are different types and styles of pearl jewelry, from the very classic to the more modern ones. Of course it is impossible for us to show you  more than these few brands, but they can give you an idea on how pearls are considered from the very top levels of high jewelry to the “lower” ones.

By the fact that I’m Florentine, I’d suggest you to visit my city, because we’re famous in the world for our Ponte Vecchio, which is a very ancient bridge in which you can find ONLY jewelry stores. And they sell very ancient and precious items. They’re unique and, of course, handmade. Waiting for you in Florence!