The very first time I heard this word I was like “Whaaaaaaaaaat is that????” and I felt very bad because of my ignorance. Then, feeling guilty, I immediatley looked for some information about this strange word, that I later discovered to be one of the trends of this past summer 2015. What I found out is that the word “Strobing” is linked to the concept of stroboscopic light and it is used as a makeup technique different from the so loved contouring. At this point I became really curios about this, because I’m not really enthusiastic about contouring and I think it is one of the heaviest makeup techniques ever. It seems to me that girls using contouring appear completely different from what they really are and it’s like a way to become someone else, it’s like wearing a mask. Moreover, I think  it’s necessary to have a sufficient degree of “training” in doing contouring, otherwise the results could be awful.

Anyway, I’ll try to explain what Strobing consists in (for the ones who still don’t know what we’re talking about). This makeup technique is interesting for those who, like me, don’t really appreciate contouring and prefer a more natural, nude and flawless makeup. Basically the main purpose is to play with light and use it to highlight your best features. And, in opposition to contouring you don’t have to sculpt your face with different darker tones. Usually the points of your face to be highlighted are the ones you can see in the pic below:


These are general tips, but you have ALWAYS to consider your face and your blemishes: if you have an evident nose or chin you won’t highlight them.

If you want to try, you have to start with your usual moisturizer (with no glitter) and then apply a primer. This technique in fact is inspired by the Japanese and Korean makeup, which are based on a very smooth skin. Strobing’s goal is to achieve an healthy and naturally – glowing look. After the primer you have to apply a foundation to even out your skin, and then set everything with a face powder (better if not completely opaque). For your cheeks, a creamy or gel blush and, of course, an highlighter, to use in the areas showed you above. So, light, light, light and for your lips a wet effect. For some inspiration take a look at the pictures below:

By the fact that this trend is actually of the past summer, maybe you’re wondering why I’m speaking about it now. The reason is very simple: Strobing  is now also an hair color technique. No more shatush, no more bronde, now is the time for Strobing. The idea is always the same: use light. The aim is to highlight hair in those areas in which usually the sun shines. The effect is therefore very natural. The hair Strobing allows to intensify the shades in the areas in which the features of face have to be softened or highlighted and so it is based on an high level of personalization. Your hair are colored on the basis of your face; your blemishes and your qualities. Shortly, with this technique you can be unique in your tailored beauty.

Take a look at the pictures below and judge the results:


What do you think girls?? Will you try???