10 squid

150 gr of prawns

Chopped garlic and parsley

1 slice of stale bread

1 Glass of milk

1 Wineglass

1 egg

1 spoon of breadcrumbs

1 jar of yellow Datterino





Start by cleaning the squid removing the side wings and head, be careful to eliminate well the inner bag, clean it very well inside rinsing them under running water. Take the part of the tentacles and head, chop it with a knife and leave them aside. Take chopped garlic and parsley and put half in a pan with a little oil to cook it, add the heads of totanini chopped and cook for 2-3 minutes, then chop the prawns and add them. Cook for 5 minutes and pour in a glass of wine. Once the wine has evaporated put aside, season with salt and pepper and let cool. Take a glass of milk and put inside the slice of stale bread. Take now the chopped squid and prawns join an egg, a tablespoon of bread crumbs and squeezed bread. Mix everything and put it all in a kitchen pocket (saccapoche) or if you prefer you can use a spoon and fill the squid taking care not to overdo it otherwise it will burst. Close the open part with a wooden toothpick. Now in a pan put a little oil and the rest of the chopped garlic and parsley, add the squid and fry on all sides over medium heat, once browned add the jar of yellow datterini raise the heat and cook for 10 minutes. Serve and eat.

Buon Appetito!

Chef Paolino