Few days divide us for Christmas, so we would like to give you some ideas on what to wear and how to do your makeup that day. The atmosphere of Christmas is unique: the warmth and serenity we feel are absolutely rare in the rest of the year. Spending time with our family makes us feel better with ourselves and with others. Therefore we want to look amazing that day. We propose you two kind of outfit: one for the Christmas eve, more elegant and sophisticated (you have to be ready to meet Santa after dinner), and one for the Christmas day, more natural and simpler, appropriate for a lunch with your family and to finally open the presents. For each situation we also suggest you a specific makeup created for us by the beautiful Elisa, who sent us some pictures of herself to show how the look can be easily realized by each one of us.

Elisa is a MUD Certified makeup artist, born in Florence, but now based in Como/Milan. She’s a real artist and she’s able to transform in whoever she wants. Take a look at her amazing transformations at QQ makeup.

So, let’s start with the Christmas eve. These are our suggestions:

With this kind of outfit, Elisa’s choice is a simple but classy makeup: a bit of eyeliner and, of course, red lips (Ombrè or Silky).




For Christmas lunch we suggest you a simpler outfit and a neutral and fresh makeup:

The makeup Elisa chose is very fresh and bright, as you can see below:




Girls, these are our suggestions for this Christmas 2015. We hope you’ll enjoy your holidays and spend a great time with your families. Remeber to leave Santa some cookies and a glass of milk. Or wine. (Maybe he’ll appreciate more).