And here we are again, another January, another New Year and other new good resolutions – to add to the old ones that we had last year.
Usually, the more common goals (hopes) are to lose weight, make more money, find love, find a job … My personal goal the last three years was to learn snowboard. Needless to say, I did not even remotely approached a table or a ski slope and this year I betterly opted to remove it.
But seriously what are we talking about?
Most of these goals are more or less achievable, some of them do not depend just on us, but if all or any of these things would make you more happy, then maybe the good resolution for next year should be doing our best to be happy.
Let’s stop planning the impossible or things that don’t depend directly on us, stop being angry about things we can’t control and stop to give us long-term goals which we’ll abandon after two weeks for lack of results.

Why don’t we just start slowly, with a weekly or daily objective? We can not expect to get the results of a year in a month but we can be satisfied with what we reached this week.
If we are willing to have long-term plans – and there’s nothing wrong with that – just write them on a piece of paper or in a journal or whatever it is and lock it in a drawer. In December we’ll reread them and maybe we will be disappointed by those not achieved, but we will probably add to the list successes that we hadn’t planned and well, there ‘s always time for the others.

In the meantime, let’s talk about serious things 🙂
New Year’s Eve is past but it was just the last party of last year, we have a whole new year in front of us with plenty of parties and soiree to attend and glitters and gold are not gone.
Keep shining girls, the party’s just started !!


Here are a couple of ideas we thought for you. Let’s get inspired!

keep shining II


keep shining I