The supernova shone and now it’s stardust. He fought cancer and lost, yesterday in New York as confirmed by…everybody.

The first time I saw him on TV, without knowing who he was, my aunt was babysitting me and maybe she tried to scare me straight with Labyrinth. The Goblin King had me scared to death but I remember thinking he was the coolest scary Goblin King ever. And yet I had no idea who this strange kidnapper sovereign who already made music for over 20 years was. A few years later, reading a book, I remember I associated that fantastic figure with a name but I wasn’t totally sure. That book was Christian F. – We Children of Bahnhof Zoo, and that name was David Bowie. I think that was my booster, I felt the need to fill the hole of my ignorance.

CAPTION / STORY MUST CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING: Bowie: Album by Album, published by Carlton, £25, available to buy online and from all good bookstores. No payment required for usage on 12/11/2012. Image must only be published in connection with the release of the book Bowie: Album by Album. Picture shows: David Bowie crouching in his overalls from the session with Masayoshi Sukita at RCA. The outfit is by the renowned Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, whom Bowie had met through Sukita and who went on to design many of Ziggy's most flamboyant costumes. 1973rca-009.jpg

London-born, extraterrestrial by nature, Bowie wasn’t just a singer. A Musician, composer, actor, painter and record producer, David Robert Jones was primarily a transform-artist. Never the same, always evolving, stems from jazz but sax is just the beginning. Influenced initially by the US Beat Culture ranging from acoustic folk to hard rock, glam rock, new wave, from white R’n’B to Pop, Dance and Proto-Punk. He reinvented and renewed himself giving each album its own particular identity. He created his own factory, such as Andy Warhol, called Growth and with his music changed his appearance. From shaved head to curly and messy, experimenting with makeup and costumes and being poorly understood by the public David Bowie was not just a odd singer with ambiguous sexuality. David Bowie is a real artist with more nuances within him then one can contain, a unicorn with a rainbow of colors in his soul who does not miss a chance to show and tell the world that there is something more.

“I always had the repulsive need to be something blackberries blackberries than human. I felt very puny as a human. I though, Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman. “

… .and He became Rainbowman. And the Mime, and Ziggy Stardust, and Nathan Adler, and the Thin White Duke.

But first of all, for most of us, with the red lightning bolt on his face, with his different eyes, his red then blonde, then almost white hair, with his guitar,  his unique and inimitable voice, David Bowie will always be a hero for one day, or forever and ever…