The new Louis Vuitton spring- summer woman campaign fully reflects today’s world. Rigid distinctions between things are blurred, everything is fluid. No definitions are needed. Especially if we speak about sexuality and gender. Our freedom of expression has never been higher, and there’s no reason to feel constrained by chichès that don’t fit our times anymore. If I’m a woman, why should I dress like a woman? Why a man cannot wear a skirt?

Maybe our grannies will shiver reading these words, but today the world is this.

That’s why Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, chose a symbol of this fluidity as “special guest” for the new campaign: Jaden Smith (17 years old).

The son of our beloved Will Smith is the living expression of the new codes of freedom, and for him wearing a skirt is not a problem for sure.  We can say he created a new style: the genderless.

In the photoshoot by Bruce Weber, Jaden wears a skirt (of course) with other models:

In the words of Ghesquière : “Jaden Smith expresses something very interesting about the integration of the global wardrobe, he finds an instictive balance  that makes his attitude very original. He’s the new rule. This kind of process strongly inspires me in the creative process of a collection.”

This tendency to the “genderless style” is not new: Gucci, Prada or Chanel already started to introduce it in their collections. We can also remember that other male celebrities wear skirts:

What do you think guys, who’s the best in skirt?