And yet we are grieving again. Not even enough time to cry for one that another genius is leaving us. Apparently this damn cancer doesn’t want to let them blow on their seventy candles, it probably thinks that it would be too much for them. Well dear cancer, it would’ve been nice to let them find out who was right.

But no, Alan Rickman left us today, a step away from those seventy candles, and London mourns another son.
Because Bowie was not just music and Rickman was not just theatre. Alan Rickman was also a genius of transformation as demonstrated by the many and diversified roles he played in his long career.
Of humble origins, he did not consider the theatrical career a wise choice until he won a scholarship for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and after graduating like every respectable London actor, he didn’t miss the chance to celebrate Shakespeare but without disdain experimental theater productions. He visited the most important British theaters with moderate success up to landing on Broadway with an adaptation of “Les Liaison Dangereuses” which will win him a nomination for the Tony Awards.
But it’s just later, with Hollywood in 1988 that Alan Rickman become someone to the rest of the world, even to those who understand nothing of theater. And in his transformations Alan Rickman is not just the creative Sheriff of Nottingham who changes words and adds phrases or scenes to the script, he is not just dramatic and not just sarcastic, Alan Rickman, for millions of people who still have doubts on his homosexuality, is a man full of charm and a charisma that make women fall at his feet, Like the thousands of fans who overtopping of mails or the woman of his life, married only four years ago after 35 years together.

It’s a charmer Rickman, he’s the one who takes you and makes you dance tango, but he’s also a judge, and he’s Regan, and and the Caterpillar …(and who better than him?)
And he will be remembered by the youngest ones for his role in THE saga, Harry Potter’s Severus Snape, the most obnoxious professor ever but the best, in the end.
And for me, well for me Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman will always be the seraphim with white wings, ill-equipped as a Ken doll, which shows you the way to faith with Tequila.