Dear Mrs. Coddington,

I guess this is the right moment to write this letter. I was hoping to meet you by chance in front of the Conde’ Nast Building and offer you a coffee and give you my letter by hand but… I’m not exactly sure if this is ever gonna happen, so in the meantime, while everybody is talking about your stepping away from Vogue, I decided to write to you “directly”.

At the beginning of that big orange book that a dear friend gave to me as a Christmas present a few years ago, you said that nobody would’ve probably known about you if it wasn’t for The September Issue. Well Mrs. Coddington, I’m sincerely very happy of having forced my friend to go to the oldest movie theatre in Florence, my beloved city, to watch that movie that night. I’m honestly glad that there was “way too much” of you in the film because you deserve it. Again, as you said, you work at Vogue too, and seeing you there, getting to know and understand what you do, what your job there was, made me realize how great and creative and brilliant was the mind behind all the photos I used to admire on the magazine.

Everybody talked and talks about Anna Wintour – and of course nobody would ever question how talented this woman is – and so it happens, we read about her here and there. One of the main thing about how she started at Vogue is that at her interview when Grace Mirabella asked her what position she was willing to occupy, Anna Wintour answered “yours”.

Thanks to that movie I realized that if one day I’ll be so lucky to have an interview for Vogue my answer to that question would be Grace Coddington.

Because what you do is not just putting some clothes on a model and make people desire them, you create dreams and stories, you talk to people through all your visions, the way you express your creativity is way too brilliant sometimes, so much that it would deserve a whole wing of the MoMA or the Met. You’re a storyteller with huge imagination, you’re a sculptor, a painter with clothes and accessories as your colors. You’re an Artist. The way you interpreted Alice in Wonderland was of course amazing (and as a great lover of the novel, my favorite) but how about all the motion and the dynamic in all those jumps? how about the way you recreate those paintings? How about Dorothy and Red Hood? How about every details and all the care you put in everything you show us? 


I’m not gonna make a list of all the shoots that I loved because it would take way too long and everybody is probably already telling you this all the time.

I’m writing to you Mrs. Coddington to tell you that, even though a friend of mine thinks that you’re leaving Vogue to give me some space, by saying that I would love to take your place I’m also saying that I would’ve loved to work for you learning from the best. I would’ve loved to have you as a teacher and a mentor and to work for you and then with you, begging for your approval and dreaming of your “you’re ready to go”. And I’m sad I’m gonna miss my chance now but I know you’re not gonna sit around. Maybe it’s not going to be Vogue but I’m still hoping we could have a cup of tea together one day so I could show you all my boards and we could discuss about all the post-it on my wall. That would be a real honor and a pleasure and I’m glad that thanks to that September Issue, I know that now.

So…waiting for that tea

My Best Wishes for a New Beginning