A few nights ago a street vender stopped me while I was waiting for a friend with all his bracelets and ten sequined hats on his head and, perhaps taken by the desire to prove how well he knew my language he began to rattle proverbs and like “non e’ tutto oro quel che luccica” (not everything that glitters is gold), “L’abito non fa il monaco” (clothes do not make the priest) etc… a few days later, remembering those proverbs, I had to agree with those sayings.

Last week I went to a Perfume Showing and as a visitor and not a buyer I had fun diving into fragrances more or less sophisticated without the inevitable headache coufuses me after too many “samples”. I must say I came out pleasantly pampered by the aesthetics of each stand but with an outlet of consciousness: never judge a book (in this case a scent) from the cover (in this case from the packaging); lesson that now, at my old age, I should already have assimilated thoroughly.

Walking through the various sellers I was naturally impressed by both the fantasy of the exposures and the colors and lines of different packages and bottles and then I was in 90% of cases, disappointed by what they contained. Oddly enough, but not too much in fact, vendors with stands less elaborate, and no less cared for, had the best products. Obviously you could contest the thought talking about subjectivity of perception, the smell of gasoline can be hateful to me, pleasant or even delicious for someone else, but I’m not talking about taste, I talk about the actual portability or less of a scent.

Personally I do not like the smell of chocolate on the skin but I recognize that on someone else can smell good. I do not like bringing a perfume too sour but some brands, more or less famous, are sold huge quantities and in any case, to smell one around, certainly do not makes me away as the stench of the gutter.

Stopping to “taste” some of the perfumes on display, I found myself wondering how they could even think about putting on the market such a thing, and, without asking opinions, it was clear that people around me thought the same way because the reaction inevitable after opposing the nose the bottles in question, of course, very fancy in appearance, was quickly put them on the table to move them away by the nose as quickly as possible. Contrary me and all those who have found attractive the linearity and sobriety of certain stand, then we were nicely moved by the pleasantness of its proposals.

Then I found myself wondering: is this the attitude of many today? We really use the basic rules of marketing ourselves so to not make the world smell that we actually stink? People ofte speak about it, it is a hackneyed argument but increasingly it comes to make up, scented lotions, accessories and fine clothes. We adorne ourselves as Christmas trees leaning at an angle, as long as the broken branch is hidden on the back and if there are enough lights on the front you will not notice. Certainly one can not generalize, the makeup is often a fun and not necessarily a mask to the insecurities, the beautiful dresses are not always conjuring tricks to hide imperfections or enhance the strengths, often are only the first mirrors of what we have inside, like the perfume we wear … but then, I wonder, the packaging is really necessary? What’s the point? The package makes us feel better ourselves or makes us feel at ease with the other perfumes on the shelf? And the message of the perfume without fancy package is perhaps “I do not need to make me better because I’m already fabulous myself ”  ?!

But then too much presumption of certain perfumes should not be a note on the contrary.

At the end of exposure, as is often the case, I would say that in media stat virtus.

You just wear the fragrance that reflects you and not someone else, choose it well and never cheat on it and it will take you far in your life. You do not need to be wrapped as an easter egg but if you want to dress up as Carmen Miranda it is probably the right thing to do.

Anyway, guys, when in doubt, wear red! 😉