Let ‘s talk about it!
So the Broncos beat the Panther 24 to 10 playing a good game, unfortunately what we’re talking about today ( and the reason why half of the audience has turned on the TV last night ) are not the winners of the Super Bowl but rather the halftime show.

Let’s start by saying that every year the expectations are higher and higher, that the comparison with the previous year is inevitable and that this year, perhaps more than usual, Katy Perry perfomance with its 118,500,000 views (the most view performance ever in the history of the Superbowl) was pretty hard to beat.
To open the dance with “The Star – Spangled Banner” the National Gaga sparked. Literally. By commissioning the latest arrival in the Gucci house, Alessandro Di Michele, the outift for the evening, Lady Gaga has honored the national anthem with a red lurex two-button peak lapel suit and a pair of platform heels with a brass cat head and spike details, coordinating makeup and manicure too. Realizing a dream and inspired by Whitney Huston, Gaga has thrilled America and not only singing as only she can do.
But more expected than national anthem was the halftime show, the one that everyone was waiting with bated breath, which last year has beaten all records.
Main guests this year the British Coldplay accompanied by Bruno Mars and the veteran of the football field, Beyonce. beyonce-28
Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, a few days ago told Entertainment Tonight that this show would “honor the past, celebrate the present and look to the future.”
Well it’s been an explosion of colors and energy from start to end with hundreds of simple but effective choreography tools. Chris Martin as master of the stage, Bruno Mars always cool and perfectly easy going, the real of America Queen B (in Gucci too) who made her entrance with her squadron of women demonstrating again who run the world. And on Fix You notes all other have entered the field… from the Rolling Stones to Paul McCartney, Whitney Huston, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the Spice Girls and U2.
Intense, despite the non-perfection of voices, despite breathing heavily, despite the mistakes, and a nearly fall, despite all, the energy pierced the screen and made you want to stay on stage to sing with them, to feel part of that something.

It may not be the phenomenal Katy Perry’s show, there were no giant tigers, no sharks or big balls and probably Coldplay didn’t dominate the stage in the same way but they made the perfect hosts and what came out was a party with friends, a performance full of positivity and desire to share it. We were, really, in that together.
Good job guys, You Rocked it!