I always looked at designers as artists in the truest sense of the word, and of course I am not the only one but I know that many do not agree. What I always thought though, watching the old runways of the 80’s or 90’s is that something was missing to make their art complete.

As if the clothes were not sufficiently valued by simple walks on the catwalk. They needed something more. And someone else had guessed.

Today more and more frequently runways are not just a string of clothing worn by living mannequins that stroll under spectators’ eyes as on a hanger in motion but rather a real show. An example are the Chanel fashion shows of recent years, more innovative with elaborate settings and never dull. Changing environments and play with the colors, with set design, with music. The models are strolling but they also stop in the audience, or pretend to have a coffee.

Finally, we are expanding the idea of fashion show to something which gives more justice to the word show, where the clothes do not lose their importance but are still rather glorified by the external environment.

Although delayed by a year, I felt the need to pay homage to the art and creativity of one of the best Russian designers in the recent years.

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Jana Nedzvetskaya presented her Spring / Summer 2015, “Har-magedon. Psalm 36:29 “, so to say the least original. Viewers could choose to either watch the show from the ground or underwater. Yes underwater. The models, after walking along the catwalk above the pool, dived one after the other in the water creating something absolutely magical and poetic. Inspired by the battle between good and evil and the encounter between the earthly and the divine, based on the idea of a more well-known countryman (Fedor Dostoevsky) that “beauty will save the world” in these times when too often harmony and beauty itself are forgotten, Jana Nedzvetskaya recreated with her show something unique and charming. The models, underwater, were floating in their colorful clothes as elegant guppies or rather, beautiful mermaids, timeless fascinating mythological creatures with ruins of ancient city on the background.

Someone has dared to criticize it because “no one cares how the dress appears in the water” but I beg to disagree heartily.

No one should care if that dress will be worn at night, during the day, on land or in water, or by parachute, this is art ladies and gentlemen, pure art, just try to appreciate its beauty and harmony, let’s pull out the hidden aesthetes within us, we all have at least a little bit of it.

Let’s open our minds and widen the boundaries of the catwalk, we can not put limits to creativity.