Every girl dreams about her wedding since she’s a child. And also the less frivolous, at least once in their life, have thought about their big day. But when the moment comes, our dreams crash with reality and we all have to consider the costs of that special day.

In particular, the choice of the wedding dress is absolutely crucial: we all have specific ideas about the pattern and color, the presence of lace, pearls, the length, the feelings it must convey ( if you want to be sexy or a princess or a rock star). And when we finally fall in love with the right dress, a problem of price always comes out. In fact, we all know that wedding dresses are really expensive, and that’s not fair.

So, don’t grieve over, because ASOS is going to launch an affordable and completely new bridal range as part of the SS 2016 collection (available on this website at the end of March- the beginning of April).

The bridal collection consists of 18 pieces in different silhouettes, from the very traditional ones (high-neck, long-sleeved), to the shorter ones and Grecian style. And the highest price point will be about 250 £ – 350$ – 320 Euros.

If you’ll need (of course you’ll do) accessories, ASOS will give you the full look for only 400£ – 570$ – 520 Euros.

Take a look at this beautiful dresses and choose your own!