Walking in New York City I noticed some huge white wings which seemed made with lace or crochet. They were actually drawn in white and under them was written “Whatliftsyou”.. so I thought who better than the author, Kelsey Montague, to be our first 5W Profile?!


I am an international street artist and illustrator.


I create large scale interactive street art pieces and I have recently come out with an interactive coloring book called ‘what lifts you.’ This coloring book for adults is designed to be relaxing and to provide people with an opportunity to take art into the real world. You can pull out any page and frame it, cut it out etc


I have been an artist since I was born. I have always been a person that is drawing or creating something. I started my street art career 2 years ago and I started illustrating for my coloring book about 8 months ago.


My work takes me all over the world. I do murals for cities and brands in places ranging from the streets of Hong Kong to the streets of New Orleans.


I love art and I really love creating interactive art. By that I mean art that people can ‘step into’ and become part of a piece. I then encourage purple to share their ‘living work of art’ online and answer a question like : what lifts you? I love encouraging people to share their answers online and, in so doing, they become part of a larger community on social. I really want to continue to explore how art, interactive street art and digital can be combined.

…and HOW


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We thank Kelsey very much and we wish her to fly all over the world with her beautiful wings!

You can find Kelsey at kelseymontagueart.com