As you all know, these last years have been dominated by a huge debate about beauty standards in the fashion industry.

We’re used to beautiful girls and women close to perfection, with no cellulite, long legs and slim waist. And every time we look at them we feel depressed and lost. Current beauty standards shaped women’s relationship with their bodies and stimulated a social transformation based on the obsessive search for perfection, that often has become pathological.

Only in the last few years we assisted to a progressive inclusion in the fashion industry of the so-called “Curvy Models”, who are extremely beautiful girls, but with “different” measurements (age group: 14-30 yrs; lenght: 1.80-1.86m; bust size:86-112 cm; cup size: C-FF; Waist size: 61-86 cm; Hip size: 86-112 cm; dress size: 10-18; minimum heigh: 175 cm).

We’re speaking for example of Crystal RennSaffi CarinaJennie RunkTess MunsterTara LynnAshley GrahamRobyn LawleyJustine LeGaultCandice HuffinVelvet d’amour and many others.

But we’re still speaking about Female Plus-Size Models.

What about Plus-Size Male Models?

Well, Zach Miko can answer this question.

Zach is 26 years old, comes form NY and he’s a freelance carpenter, an Eagle Scout, an actor and a comedian.

And from 2015, we should say, also a model. In fact, despite his boy-next-door appeal, he signed a contract with IMG, which lauched a special division called “Brawn” dedicated to the launch of XL models. And, in fact, he was the first Plus-Size Model to be included in the section “Big & Tall Shirts” of Target‘s website.

According to several interviews, for Zach is not just a matter of modelling. Speaking about the “Plus-size Revolution”, he says he’s completely aware of the process of body inclusion and self-image that is going on in the women’s fashion, and he’s happy that this kind of development is starting in men’s fashion as well.

Zach also confessed to have dealt with sel-esteem issues for his entire life: “I think as a man, you don’t want to ever admit you have body image issues because it’s not considered masculine or macho, but everyone struggles with it.” He admitted to have really enjoyed the modelling experience and that it helped him improve his self-esteem: “Now I feel okay looking like I do and being like I am, but I never would have had the confidence to go model or do anything if it wasn’t for my wife. She’s who made me feel attractive for the first time. She made me feel okay with what I am.”

On his Instagram (@zachmiko)  and Twitter  (@ZachMiko) profile  and  you can find very funny pics about Zach enjoying the best part of his everyday life: food, love and modelling.

We all have to follow Zach’s example and try to appreciate and accept ourselves and our bodies, whatever the size. In his words: “We need to keep seeing bigger, smaller. We need to see every body type. We need to see that every type of person is beautiful.”