And here we are again talking about mermaids, this time with whale sharks.

Again it’s not exactly a news but we are here to celebrate beauty no matter how old it is (and it’s not that old, just 4 years).

Because when we talk about human mind, sky is the limit. Once again someone proved that anything is possible when you let your creativity free to express itself and once again fashion is not just runways and windows but real art.

In 2012 Shawn Heinrinchs,  an internationally acclaimed photographer, Emmy Award winning

cinematographer, and dedicated conservationist, met with Kristian Shmidt, a fashion and wildlife photographer on a whale shark trip with a common friend and as they both said, their mind immediately got along. Their immagination and admiration for each others work eventually led them to one of the most elegant and extraordinary shoot ever done.

“Recognizing that people only protect what they care about, we hatched a plan that would combine my underwater and marine life photography expertise with Kristian’s mastery of creative fashion photography”

With this words on Blue Sphere Media, Heinrichs recognized that the photoshoot would’ve been a good chance to show how the biggest fish of the ocean is no danger for humans and need to be preserved and protected.

On November 2012 a team composed  of Heinrichs, Shmidt, the models Roberta Mancino and Hannah Fraser, stylist Fazli Krasniqi and physiologist and artist Taro Smith flew to the little village of Oslob in Philippines Islands, where whale sharks were hand fed by fishermen, to capture the most magical and fascinating dance of their lives.

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(Photo Courtesy Shawn Heinrichs)