You for sure have noticed here and there on the internet some decorated beard photo as a new trend. We loved the idea and we talked to those who started it! Say hello to our friends Johnathan and Brian or better know as The Gay Beards!


Our names are Johnathan and Brian. We grew up together in Portland, OR and have been best friends since we were in the 4th grade.


We are both artists in every aspect of the word. Johnathan is a musician and Brian is a painter and photographer. We both have been very keen on thinking outside of the box, our entire lives. We like to take the road less traveled and expression is very important to us as humans.


We started this project back in July of 2014 and really haven’t stopped going since then. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey to get where we are today so we work on it whenever we have free time, which is quite often to be honest. 😛


At the moment, we are both stay at home beards, all the while working on our music, painting and photography.


We started The Gay Beards with the intent to do something different, and fun. After posting some photos for a couple weeks, we almost immediately had the most incredible feedback and responses from the internet, so we took it as an opportunity to bring some light and love to the internet. To give someone something to laugh at and share and hopefully bring a smile to their faces.

…and HOW ?

We’re constantly learning and coming up with better ways to execute our beards. We won’t share ALL of our secrets, but a little hairspray has always been a big part of how we get our beards to hold the things they do.

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We thank Brian and Johnathan for joining us. Also we want to send all our positive thoughts and best smiles to Brian and wish him all the best!