Linda: Let’s start by saying that we are Italian and that among the many things we are famous for there are fashion and wines. I have developed and cultivated my growing passion for fashion in the second half of my (not too short) life of almost thirty years old, and now is a natural part of me, it’s not the same for wines. I am personally almost teetotal and if I happen to have a glass of wine I want it white and firm but it’s like somehow this part of the culture of my home country was always inside me, ready to come out any minute. Maybe because my father, being passionate of wines and spirits, have always talked about them in the way you talk about a beloved woman, the one you are not only interested in perfume and beauty but also the history and the secrets she hides. Perhaps in some way, although not enough to appreciate the flavor, I absorbed this good taste of him and I brought it with me growing up. And then a few months ago reflecting on wines and on my passion, I thought, if you can talk of wine as a beautiful woman, why don’t we dress this woman up? And it clicked in my mind the idea of starting a column matching outfits to wines. I would have enjoyed to imagine those women and their clothes, but I needed help in regard to the wines, of which, as I said, I’m not an expert. And then I called our friend Elisa, who, of course, with her incredible good taste, couldn’t miss to be also a sommelier!

Elisa: When I am asked about my passion for wine, especially red wine, I cannot not mention the French Burgundy and its brooming hunk pinot noir!
I beg your pardon; due to its many gifts such as smoothness, sophistication and complexity, actually, I would prefer to address it as “Ms. Pinot Noir”, an intriguing, beautiful and first of all unpredictable woman.
Black, delicate small grapes, thin-skinned, temperamental, it needs constant care and attention, and in fact, it can only grow in really small specific corners of the world like Burgundy, where the mix between right climate and the most patient and expert hands can transform this fruit into a real magic.
Its history is ancient and fascinating as the Middle Ages, right when the first two hectares of what will be called Romanée-Conti (the name of a vineyard that names the most famous wine of Burgundy) were cultivated for the first time. In fact we can state with no doubt that wine, as we know it nowadays, was born just here in France. We have to recognize this to our French cousins!  romanee-conti
Now let’s take a small step back to what I think it’s important; I do not know if you have ever listened to a wine expert tasting a glass. I personally feel amazed all the time this ritual happens. So fascinating! An etiquette that has surely earned wine enthusiasm its reputation for snobbery in some people’s eye… Exotic scents, vivid colors and weird adjectives, all of this could almost remind us of a romantic poetry. Well, in fact you have to know that some of the peculiarities you find in wines are actually due to the vine variety itself, others to the winemaking process and others to the ageing process. And pinot noir, which forges the greatest Burgundy wines, is no exception.
Now you wonder what makes this wine so special to be compared to a sensual woman!
Let me show you how, just as a real sommelier would do. So let’s start!

Take a comfortable position. Imagine you find yourself in a luminous room, maybe a veranda with a view on a calm french garden in April. You are alone at a table, white linen tablecloth. In front of you a bottle of Romanée Conti (vine variety: 100% pinot noir) and an elegant glass. Take the bottle and pour about 4 or 5 ounces in the glass.      

First things first, begin your tasting by OBSERVING! What exactly? Color and light. When you look at a pinot noir you normally remark a desaturated ruby red tone, quite transparent, surely not the usual bright wine red… at first sight this could led us to think of a weak-bodied wine. Let’s go ahead.

Step two. SMELL THE FLAVOURS! Pinot can express its scents even one hour after its opening. Good things come for those who wait! You can smell macerated red fruits tones of redcurrant, chypred and dried floral notes of rose and violet. Everything is balanced by fine spices scents of licorice, herbals like rhubarb and great mineral notes of graphite. Not bad uh? But the best is yet to come…

Third step. TASTE IT! A juicy velvet in your mouth, well balanced, it softly speaks to your tongue, and, oh its flavors, they are just the most haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle and… I won’t go further!

Now your turn to pack and fly to Burgundy!

No cliché! Seeing is believing 😉

Linda : And with such a wine , our beautiful and sensual woman , fascinating and mysterious , can only combine an elegant outfit , classy , playing with velvet and satin, in Alexandre Vauthier, black , long , discovering her legs when she is approaching confident walking on her Gucci or Ralph Lauren heels. With her secrets locked in a burgundy velvet clutch , as her lips dyed Chanel Rouge Noir. Is that woman hiding inside of you?