A few days ago I was watching for the 100th time a relatively old episode of New Girl, titled “Prince”, ( That’s my favorite episode ever and I could watch it over and over again ) and I realized that many and many times I wanted to write about him and somehow I always waited. Apparently the time has come, in the worst circumstances ever.

He was born from the music 57 years ago and he left us, in his house in Minnesota, today. He was an artist, a musician, a fashion icon, he was first and foremost a Prince, by name and fact. With his unmistakable voice, his music was never the same, influenced by rock, R’n’B, soul, disco, jazz, pop and many others Prince was able to make us dance and sing like nobody else.

Exactly as the great artist he was he couldn’t stick to just one name so he became Jamie Starr, Christopher, Alexander Nevermind , The Purple One, Joey Coco, an unpronounceable symbol called Love Symbol O(+> ,The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, TAFKAP and Prince again, of course. And he couldn’t stick to boring normality. Ambiguous, eccentric, with extravangantly amazing looks, androgynous he played with boundaries exceeding them most of the time. And he was amazing with the guitar. He was also the first starting using the abbreviation spelling for his songs’ titles. He was in the future before the future.

I always found him seriously attractive, with a magnetic look in his eyes and an aura of perfection around him, like he could never get old, or change, or die… And yet he died.

But he hypnotized millions of us with his sexy lyrics, with his moves, his eyes and his great taste for fashion.

Well there would be so much to say but all the words of the vocabulary are not enough to describe his huge presence in this world. So remembering his voice, visualizing Prince, walking under a purple rain covered with glitters, I’m gonna fall in luv 2nite.

Have a nice walk partyman, you’ll always be our Prince.