1 Eggplant

2 carrots

2 zucchini

1 tbsp Sugar

Sesame seeds

Poppy seeds

1 slice of cooked ham

1 Glass of Soy Sauce

E.v.o. oil





Cut the eggplant into thin slices. Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celcius and cook for 10 minutes. Cut carrots and zucchini a la Julien zucchini and place in a pan with a little oil, let them cook for two minutes and add the glass of soy sauce raise the heat and add the salt, pepper and a tablespoon of sugar, when you see them starting to caramelize you can remove them from heat. Now roll out the eggplants and fill with vegetables and if you want a slice of ham. Roll them up and put them in poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Now if you want you can put them in the oven for a little bit or serve cold as an appetizer.

Buon Appetito!

Chef Paolino