I’m not a huge fan of shopping online, I always found it not as exciting as going store by store looking for hours of what you need and finding something that you actually like more and leaving full of colorful bags in your hands. I also think that a lot of times I rather see and touch and try the things that I want to buy instead of choosing them on a catalogue and being disappointed once they arrive home. I always thought that online shopping was something for lazy people but a friend last year, talking about it, said “but it’s like Christmas every day, you open the door and you have a package waiting for you” and I started seeing a little bit of romance in the Internet too.

I still think that buying online can be dangerous, really dangerous for those who can’t control themselves, it’s like a mousetrap and you don’t realize how much you’re spending because you don’t even have bags in your hands telling you that your credit card is stressed out.

This morning though, my friend Elisa texted me saying “Linda, I succumbed… I bought this, it’s my birthday present to myself” (her birthday is at the end of June)

Well, I’m not going to talk about her incredible good taste which I’ve been dealing with for several years now,  I’m not even going to talk about those beautiful Yves Saint Laurent black and white derby shoes, what I want to talk about is the last trap for all those poor compulsive buyers out there.

As I said I’m not a huge fan of shopping online and I’m not an expert so, of course, I’m not fully aware of the thousands of way to save money while buying stuff online but here we have another way to think that we are saving money when, actually, we are just spending them in a different moment. Here is how the conversation went on:

E – on Vestiaire Collective

L – well you did the right thing! How much?

E – 500 euros instead of 650…but it’s worth it

L – when it comes to shoes, you’ll always have my support

E – yeah and I splitted the payment in three months

L – are you kidding me?! Can you do that!?

E – Yes!!!

L – OMG Eli! You can’t tell me that…

E – No Linda, infact I DIDN’T TELL YOU

Well she told me. She told me that even though I don’t have $500 to spend in shoes now because I have a normal life, I could buy whatever not essential dress, shoes, bag I want because there is an amazingly brilliant website that allows me to split the payment in three months if I want. icon175x175

I typed Vestiaire Collective on Google and I tried to understand something more about this payment policy. I wasn’t really able to find out how it works without buying because the “Wear now, pay later” section of the website is not opening anything but it seems a real thing (and my friend was really excited about it).

So after Saint Louise of St. Louis in the first Sex and the City movie told us that we could rent a bag online and show it around for a few bucks (trying is believing bagborroworsteal.com) now someone is giving us the chance to buy our favorite-but-too-expensive shoes paying for them in monthly installments, as you do with a car or a house. Isn’t it great?

Sorry Vestiaire Collective if I’m late, I will take advantage of this amazing (new) tool ASAP.