Here we are again with Wear What You Drink, this time with a white wine which I personally appreciate a lot.

Let’s start with an introduction on how I found the white Corvo Glicine.

By chance I was offered a dinner in one of the best seafood restaurants of Florence, Bistro del Mare, an elegant place within Gianfigliazzi palace on Lungarno Corsini, location that is does half of the job on its own. I decided to go with one of my dearest friends to enjoy the meal from appetizer to dessert. The evening was one of those that you need pampering after a taugh week: delicious food, great company, excellent jazz / soul from the 50s and a nice old American lady at the table next to us who occasionally turned to make conversation (the story of the lady is quite interesting but I’ll tell you another day).

Given that I am not much of a drinker, when we were offered the wine I had to give in to the insistence of the waiter and let me groped by this new white which they had recently added to the menu. Obviously he showed us the bottle but I was more interested in the description than the name. So we drank a glass and we found it delicious!

vino-corvo-glicine-bianco-tp_4790542568518505496fThe week after we decided that we wanted to buy a bottle for a dinner we had planned but not remembering the name we went back to the restaurant where we tried to collect ideas to make it clear to the owner of what we were talking about. The few things we remembered, trying not to seem completely ignorant (or dumb), were that the bottle had purple lines on the label (my photographic memory almost never disappoint), that it was a white wine, Sicilian and with fruity notes . Well we left the restaurant after two more glasses of that wine offered by Claudio, the owner of Bistro del Mare.

While the Pinot Noir our Elisa  talked about in our first article was seen as a charming woman, sensual, mysterious, if we think of Corvo Bianco Glicine I think of a girl, young, happy and carefree with a spontaneous smile on her face.
Corvo Glicine white is, infact, a young wine, just 22 years old, to be drunk young, whose grapes are grown in the central and western Sicily where they grow holding all scents and perfumes of the island and then manually collected every year.

So let’s sit on a beautiful terrace looking at the Sicilian sea, with friends, at the end of the day but before sunset, nibbling some seafood appetizer with a fresh glass of White Glicine in one hand, carefree but paying attention to everything that this wine has to offer by following the three steps of the tasting as if guided by a good sommelier.

OBSERVE. If we take a closer look we will notice that the light yellow color is crossed by hints of green

SMELL. Let us be carried by the fragrant and slightly aromatic smell and let ourselves be enveloped by fruity notes of Sicilian lands.

TASTE. The Corvo Bianco Glicine is a still wine, dry, lively. Its freshness and its aromas will delight your palate and fill your mouth with lightness.

Sip and enjoy the sun and the sea and the laughter, perhaps with a bit of jazz in the background.

And this Sicilian girl, with that tan from the first day at the beach, with her hair loose on her shoulders laughing serene and carefree is simple, dressed in summer and smells of flowers and citrus.


Corvo Glicine Bianco


1.Dress Dolce&Gabbana; 2. Arm Cuff Miss Selfridge; 3.Earrings Lana Wave; 4. Clutch Michael Kors; 5. Dress Dorothy Perkins; 6. Flip Flops Apt.9 ; 7. Sandals Yeezy; 8. Clutch Skemo; 9. Wedge Sandal Castaner