One hundred international celebrities donated a pair of jeans to the new charity project Jeans for refugees by Jhony Dar.

The aim of the multifaceted artist is to hand paint and reinvent those jeans and auction them. The revenues of the auction will be donated to the International Rescue Committee ( , in order to help the refugees of the world.

Ten of the 100 pieces (Sharon Stone, Anna Wintour, Elle Mc Pherson, Emma Watson, Lily Allen, Kate Moss, Joan Smalls, Eva Longoria, Sofia Coppola) will be auctioned online the next 22nd July on .

The rest will be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London from 24th October and they will be auctioned during a special event that will take place the 30th October, when bidding will close.

Johny Dar is famous for his body painting, but he also loves fashion,design and music. If you’re interested in his work, take a look at his web site at .

Down below you can watch the video of the runway of “Jeans for refuges” during the Berlin Fashion Week in July:

What do you think guys; is it right to exchange a pair of jeans with a life of a refugee?

I’m not sure, but I don’t feel comfortable with the fact that just 100 pairs of jeans can make the difference to all those people.

Thinking about how many pieces of clothing are produced every month by the industries of fast fashion, I just wonder if it can really be helpful to auction 1 pair of jeans per celeb to feel peaceful with ourselves.

I mean…we can do more, can’t we?