Hey guyyyyyysssssss!!! Sguish is back in town after a little relax in Mexico! (if you’re curious about the trip, you can find some interesting and folkloristic pics on my Instagram account – @Sguish89).

As you know, if you’re used to read my posts, I’m a travel-addict  and I try to go abroad and visit places as soon as I can. One of my greatest and deepest passions is going to the seaside.  I feel free under the sun, in the water, with the salt on my skin, watching the sunsets and all the other beautiful things that we can enjoy only in front of the sea or the ocean.  Unfortunately,  trying to visit as many places in the world as I can, I’m not able to spent some time at the seaside every year. And it is a pity because here in Italy we have a lot of beautiful and exclusive locations to visit in this regard.

Especially in the South, such as in Campania, Apulia, Sicily, Sardinia and many others, the cost is truly fascinating. I think that the mixture of natural beauty and the creativity and spontaneity of people makes these regions magical.

In this regard I would like to say something about a very special and luxury place in Campania.

So, if you’re interested in spending your holidays this month or in September  without doing anything at all, enjoying the relax, eating and drinking, doing boat excursions and watching sunsets, this post is for you.

There’s a very famous place in Campania called Positano.

In  Positano a very special hotel was inaugurated in 1970 and from that moment on it has become one of the most spectacular corners of  the Amalfi Cost: Hotel San Pietro di Positano (http://www.ilsanpietro.it/it/ ).


What’s special about it? Recently they built the new kitchen: 1000 cubic meters dig in the rock.

The project, entrusted to the kitchen designer Andrea Viacava and to the architect Fausta Gaetani and personally followed by the owner of the Hotel, Vito Cinque,  required  9 months of work and 3 millions Euros.


The hotel consists of 59 rooms and suites, each one providing its own private balcony built in the cliff with a special  view on the sea and Positano and Praiano towns.

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The Belgian chef, Alois Vanlangenaeker,  with his team of 35 people, works in a two-level open space of 400 cubic meters: in the upper level there’s the kitchen, visible from the restaurant trough two big windows and divided into 4 sectors, each one dedicated to a specific preparation or cooking.


The garbage and the cooling systems are located in the basement (dig in the rock), and the hot air generated by the cooling is transformed into hot water to satisfy the needs of the Hotel.

In addition, speaking about high-tech solutions, it worth noting that the Hotel San Pietro di Positano is the second in the world to use the ozone treatment to daily sanitize the kitchen.

Le “Table du Chef” allows 6 lucky guests to attend the work of the chef and his team for dinner.

The Hotel has also its private garden in which are cultivated lemons, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines and several aromatic herbs.

If you want to have a walk on the beach or a bath in the sea or you want to challenge your best enemy in a tennis match, you only need to go down the stairs or take the special  elevator dig in the rock, which will take you only 45 seconds.


As the guests suggest, you cannot leave if you don’t try the regional specialties prepared at Carlino, one of the other restaurants of the Hotel: the eggplant parmigiana and spaghetti with lemon and chili pepper.


Are you interested guys? Come to Italy to visit us: we can meet at the seaside!