Some time ago I talked about street art by defining NYC an open-air museum ( New York City MoSA) . The article was inspired by a mural in Williamsburg of artist Eduardo Kobra.
images-3With the Olympics in Rio the Brazilian artist has given us one more reason to love him. Besides being one of the 13 chosen artists to design an official poster of the Olympic Games, with 15 meters high, 190 meters long and 3000 squared meters of masterpiece, Eduardo Kobra painting breaks all records with the largest mural created by a single artist.

His unmistakable style has colored the streets of the world and the 30th of last July also the Olympic Boulevard. 

Eduardo Kobra and 5 other artists worked for 12 hours a day for two months, using 100 gallons of white paint, 1500 liters of colored paint and more than 3500 cans of spray paint to give not one but five faces to the world.
With “Etnias“, taking inspiration from the five Olympic circles, he wanted to depict in fact five faces of indigenous people from the five continents, trying to faithfully and accurately represent the various ethnic groups.

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And once again the street art brings a message of peace. With the pride and suffering but above all the depth look in the eyes of those five faces, different but equally enlightened of the same rainbows harlequins, Eduardo Kobra tells us that we are all connected. After all deep down we all have the same origins, we are all human beings who inhabit this world and we must be united, now perhaps more than ever.
Waiting to see the colors of Eduardo continue to decorate the world, let’s enjoy some of the best IG of this magnificent work.