Are you a dog lover?

If you always post pics of your puppy on your social accounts and the first and last thought of the day is addressed to your dog, definitely you are.

In this regard I have very good news for you, and they’re all Made in Italy.

There are three creative friends who based their new entrepreneurial adventure on their passion and love for dogs. We’re speaking about Giorgio Bisi, Emanuele Brambilla and Davide and Roberto Dibenedetto.

They created a jewelry collection (rings, necklaces, charms and earrings) called Dog Fever, inspired by 28 dog races.

Each piece of jewelry is made of silver 925 and enamel and prices start from 150 Euros.

The success has been huge and they started producing also pieces in gold.

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If you don’t believe me, take a look at Lady Gaga Instagram pics wearing the so-called Hug Ring (because the ring kind of hugs the finger).

Dog Fever products are distributed in selected jewelries, each one with the possibility to customize the price.

You just need to find one!