The most awaited week by fashion addicts from all over the world is over and as every year it didn’t leave us high and dry. New York Fashion Week once again gave us a few surprises.

With the inevitable models of the moment (Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner and Co.) with veterans of the New Yorker scene (from Ralph Lauren to Marc Jacobs), with non-models now used to the boardwalk (see Lady Gaga) and exclusive and dazzling parties, the designers in the big apple were challenged with innovations.

The ceremony in the food court of Penn Station opened the ball Thursday September 8th and right in the first day we had notable features. At 10:30AM of the first morning of Fashion Week, Johny Dar took on the New York catwalks his project Jeans for Refugees (which you can read everything about in our Sguish’s article) where models from around the world with colored scarf used like top have brought attention to the jeans donated by celebrities and redecorated to perfection by the designer before being auctioned for charity on behalf of refugees, all with a flawless performance of the fantastic Polly A. 

Moving on to more lightweight topics, a pleasant surprise for fans of Snapchat was staged on Desigual walkways. The Spanish brand, in line with the peculiar originality that characterizes it, has taken a different approach to the traditional / non-traditional use of makeup that we usually see on catwalks opting for something more for a children’s birthday party. The models instead of soft blush and eye shadows had drawn on the face some of the most popular Snapchat’s filters, from the cute little dog to the voie changer bee, from zebra to deer. Lovers of the social can be satisfied!

The chicest veteran of New York scene, Ralph Lauren, must have some Saint in heaven (as we say in my country) to be able to stop four blocks of Madison Avenue only for his fashion show. However the news this year is not so much in the traffic delay ,for which the city’s taxi drivers must have been not at all happy, as for the evening’s formula. Selected guests and celebrities from all over the world were invited to sit on pillows on coated cotton stands in fronto of the historic store on 72nd St to admire the new collection parading on the sidewalk and then be welcomed inside for some night shopping . Each dress in the collection was in fact immediately for sale in the store and online and available worldwide. See-now-buy-now, therefore, represents a step towards the future for the Lauren family, will it be the right move? 

Obviously NYFW can’t end without controversy. In closing, as usual, the Marc Jacobs show made the rumormonger of the internet talk, unnecessarily, accusing him of racism and discrimination for using fake dreadlocks for the hairstyles of the models on the catwalk, as if a white could not having dreadlocks. Honestly? I liked the idea, I liked the colors, the hair styles itself, I liked the fact that the dreadlocks were handmade and ordered on Etsy and I think this kind of discussion is boring and outdated. In 2016 we have other problems to think about. 

What, however, I want to highlight is the turning point of J.Crew. Obviously they are not the first, but I always appreciate these initiatives. With ages between 13 and 72 years old and different colors, sizes, heights the real models in the gallery of the exhibition, the wearers of the new collection garments were anything but models. Spontaneous, maybe a little embarrassed, with fresh, natural look showed to normal people as the clothes look like on normal people. With no dummies or perfect models, perhaps J.Crew gave us what we all want, to know that that dress is designed for us and it looks good on us even though we are not Cara Delevingne. 

So between controversy, innovation, sense of humor and smashed barriers this edition of the New York Fashion Week ends. Now let’s see what London will do. Stay tuned!