It’s no news but it deserves to be talked about one more time, for those who missed it.

It’s well known now that Alessandro Michele is one of the best things happened to Gucci in the last years. His creativity and talent exploded like a rainbow on the famous Italian brand and make it shine again of a new awesome colorful light.

trevor-andrew-gucci-ghost-fire-spraypaint-art-2-838x900As my friend Beatrice said, when you walk in one of the many Gucci stores around the wolrd or simply when you look at the collections themseves, you feel like in a fairytale, a huge, shiny fairytale with lips and flowers and animals all around you in a magic Ring Around the Roses.

The immagination of Alessandro Michele is one of a kind and has enough space to open its door to the world. That’s how the wedding of street art and haute couture we’re talking about today started almost a year ago.

Brooklyn’s Urban artist and snowboarder Trouble Andrew somehow became obsessed with the double G of the famous brand and started customizing everything he put his hands on, from t shirst to walls to trash cans and, of course, he posted everything on socials. Besides BANKSY (whose identity has been, very probably, recently unmasked) apparently today writers don’t run and hide anymore but rather they post they masterpieces on IG or FB to share them with the world.


And thanks to this street art has a chance to become something more, it doesn’t live only in the ghetto anymore but walks proud on catwalks all over the world.

Alessandro Michele met Trouble Andrew and they fell in love with each other’s idea of art and beauty in this world. And as in every common love story after a while a baby borned, called Gucci Ghost.

Last February Gucci Ghost Collection made its debut on the catwalk with the approval of the public. Trouble Andrew street art was all over, from skirts to shoes, from phone cases to jackets and handbags, from scarves to jewels and every single customizable thing. The result was simply great!

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Of course is not the first time that street art meets haute couture, in the past we can remember Basquiat with Komono, Haring with Obey, Hirst and Alexander McQueen and these are just a few. Street art in these days has reached a whole another lever and we can just be happy about it. I wonder if I will ever be able to wear an Eduardo Kobra on my skirt…