In this increasingly complicated and articulated world in which everything is permitted and all people live the same way and wear the same things coming from the biggest fashion industries, we feel the need to be special. And Unique. To give our own sense to the world and wear things that express our personality. We just don’t content ourselves to be like anybody else. It is important to be different.

Quality must win over quantity. We don’t need tons of poor quality clothes to be special, we just need few items of good quality to have a beautiful wardrobe.

So, if you want to be different, unique, special and also wear good quality clothes, take a look at this new project called Tailoritaly.

Tailoritaly is a web platform that provides you the possibility to buy totally Made in Italy products personalized as you wish.


You just need to choose the sample first, and then color and decorations. After two weeks your personalized and unique piece arrives at your home.

The basic collection includes 13 pieces (skirts, trousers, trench, outerwear and 2 accessories) for a total amount of possible combinations accounting for 800.

Prices vary between 69 and 285 Euros, personalization included.

Miroglio Fashion, the new business partner of Tailoritaly company, is an Italian industrial reality active since 1947 in the textile and fashion sectors. Today it is present in 34 countries all over the world and includes famous brands such as Elena Mirò, Motivi and Caractere.

Up to the 30th of October, Miroglio store in Milan (Piazza Scala) will host an “hybrid” corner to show the pieces available on, so anyone who wants to touch them, look at them, or try them on  and then order them via iPad, is able to do that.

What are you waiting for?