I will never stop saying that Florence is amazing.

Its cultural patrimony worths than one thousand words and if you come to my city you will understand why I say so.  Each building and each street or square has a very ancient origin and it makes me excited thinking about the great number of famous artists and people who walked those streets before me.

It is very important as well to mention the huge relevance that Florence has with respect to the artisan patrimony, which has always been key throughout history for its cultural, social and economic impact.

I’m very glad therefore to let you guys know about this new initiative, hoping that it will stimulate you to come to Florence and live the city more in depth.

The thing is this: people from all over the world who are interested in discovering the fashion, jewelry and luxury patrimony of Florence, from now on have the possibility to book a tour  of one or more of the historical artisan workshops of the city.

It means that you have a personal qualified guide available to explain everything you ask.

Which places have you the possibility to visit? We’re speaking about the most famous, ancient and important workshops of Florence in the field of perfumes, goldsmiths, embroidery, leather, footwear, silver, canary grass and frames.

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You can choose 14 different itineraries which take half or the entire day, which are focused on the centre of the city and include also “smaller” museums such as the ones of Bardini, Horne or Casa Vasari.

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You just need to go to www.go2artisans.com and decide: the date of your itinerary in Florence, number of participants and language of the guide (for now the ones available are: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arab, Portuguese , Dutch, Lithuanian and Hungarian).

As soon as possible you will receive an e-mail including contacts and information of the guides that match your criteria.

Groups  count a maximum of 8 people and prices vary from 150 to 250 Euros per group (depending on group size) and you can set the price directly with the guide.

The project has been organized by Osservatorio mestieri d’Arte (Oma) and Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, with the collaboration of Centro guide turismo and Cna Firenze.

Speaking about forecasts,  the project will be widened in order to include more itineraries involving the hinterland of Florence, such as Montelupo for its glassmakers, Impruneta for its furnaces of cotto tile and Scandicci for leathers.

I think it is a very interesting occasion for you to understand how handcrafted beauty is created and produced in Florence.

Waiting for ya!