As Italians and supporters of Italians tradition and handmade we couldn’t help but reach out to the guys of Prosac Alwaysmile. Hipsters all over the world you can’t miss this, we simply love them!
Prosac Alwaysmile is true Garage Brand that realizes Vests and Accessories with experimental and recycled materials. Our products are 100% handmade in Italy, we have a direct contact with our artisans and partners and this permit to us to customize our collections and invent every day something day. We believe that People and Details make the difference, for this reason we always take care of the particular of our products and we are always looking for young talent people that can became part of our creative team. Behind the name of Prosac Alwaysmile there are Leo & Marta, co-founders of this project based on the love for italian traditions and high quality products.
We started realizing bowties made of jute with buttons in the central part.
Then we started to make bowties,ties and pocketsquares with different materials as Pottery, Recycled Wood, Recycled Plexiglass, Vegetable Tanned Leather. Now we make different items and clothing as : Vests made of Wool And Recycled Denim, Leather Wallet, Belt, Chain, Suspenders,Cashmere Scarf, Hat made of jute and cloth. We are trying to create a Style made of respect of our Italian Tailoring tradition, we want to make people understand the true value of handmade clothes.
We started in December 2013 as a joke. We Made University Bags and Bowties with Recycled Jute, materials that we took from ancient sac of coffee. Our bowties were perfect for Xmas gift and our strength was to make an incredibile work on Facebook and Instagram. Shops started to be interested to our brand and now more than 160 shops sell our product around the world.
We started to work in a Garage, and we still work on it for shipping and for logistic needs.
We have a little office but on December we have a plan: Opening our first Showroom in Foligno, our hometown! 🙂 Our base and our artisans everyone come from Umbria, the central and wildest region of Italy. It’s amazing to see our project growing, we started from our little town and now we have managed to be exhibitors at Premium Berlin Trade Show, this project allows us to travel and know amazing people. This is the best side of our work. We are from the little Foligno but Prosac lives in the world. We are traveling a lot and we are working really hard to find the perfect agents, shops or showrooms that can represent in the best way our ideals.
We are doing it because we want to give voice to the italian traditions and to the beauty of Handmade stuff. We are doing it because i think that in this moment people start to understand high quality products and that now people are looking for items that can last in time, they are looking for clothes or items that can pass on to their children, for this reason we only work with high quality materials!
…and HOW ?
We work with love, passion, believing in our ideas every day,every minutes, every seconds.
Everyday i wake up in the morning happy for my job and for my life because i think that we are trying to make something great! It’s important to find the right people during your adventure to achieve the objective, so our mission is to create a true family of tailors, artisans and creative people that love their job and our project!

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So many thanks to the guys of Prosac Alwaysmile for this amazing profile and keep up the great work!
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