The Arils Bowl  is one year old today and I want to share it with all those who have supported us in any  way.

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to my “business partner” and now friend Sguish for being with me in this since the beginning without even really knowing me.

We’ve met just twice and I knew she was going to be the other half of the Pomegranate. I contacted her and shared my thoughts about what my blog would look like and she was on board right away. We got to know each other more and more while working on the huge project this blog has become and I can’t think of a better person to share this with. We grew together and The Arils Bowl has grown with us, reaching the most remote corners of the world and I can’t be more happy about how things are evolving. This couldn’t be possible without the amazing effort and contribution of her visionary mind. Modestly, great minds think alike! 😀

Hoping that our family will keep growing I also wanted to thank those who has been part of the project so far with their words and creativity Chef Paolino , Elisa QQ e Jacopo Zucchini. Your contribution has been precious to us and it’s been an honor working with you!

We will continue to write and to grow and to share with the world what we love about it, hoping you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we love writing it.

So Happy Birthday The Arils Bowl and Happy Anniversary my dear Sguish!

Beauty will save the world!