Never as in recent years the fashion world offers us hair’s accessories of many different kinds, from those Coachella style flowers’ crown to the lace ones, from headband to actual headdresses. In Finland we found someone who has made a profession out of this trend with amazing creativity and great style. Today Netta Kandelin tells us more about herself.



Ladybirdylicious is an imaginative paradise through flowers, details and eye candy by a self-taught artist Netta Kandelin, based in Finland.



Ladybirdylicious is known by the unique flower crowns and headdresses where gentle flowers meet hand sculpted details. All the products are handmade by Netta herself. Sometimes the Ladybirdylicious accessories are simple and pretty little things, but mostly the better word to describe them is ”wearable art” than just accessories.



I’ve done various crafting since I was a child. I have always been interested in alternative style and fashion – especially accessories. At the beginning of the year 2015 I found myself looking for some hair accessories, but I couldn’t find the perfect one from the stores. My friend had the same problem and that’s when I created the first Ladybirdylicious flower crowns. I fell in love making the crowns and my friends and others loved the results. It became to be my artistic playground where I had a chance to do what I have always wanted to do.



All the magic happens in my home. I’m lucky to be married to other artist, so it’s okay for both of us to have a home what looks more like a craft shop than a proper place to live normally. Hopefully one day we’ll have a real studio.



I love to create beautiful things and make people feel unique and gorgeous. The excitement what I see in people when they get their custom made piece is unbelievable and that’s the biggest reason why I do this.


…and HOW?

With great imagination and strong nerves 😀  I’m always open for different ideas and new things to learn and I think that’s a big key to flourish as an artist.


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We thank Netta for her super nice profile and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! You can find her works of art on fb and on her website