Three days ago the 13th Chanel Metiers d’Art show had place in Paris in probably the most perfect place for it. Where Mademoiselle Coco lived for 34 years of her life while creating the signature style we recognize today, the show ran through the halls of the recently renovated Ritz Paris. Karl Lagerfeld decided to go back to France after his latest Metier d’Art shows in Rome, Edinburgh, Salzburg, Dallas, thinking it was time for Paris to become more Cosmopolite!

Gchanel_show_071216_03-833x560oing all Frida Khalo over the models heads, keeping the style the made the brand famous all over the world but giving it an awesomely fresh new look, Lagerfeld did something remarkable.

I am happier every year about how fashion shows are evolving, becoming more and more real shows than just parades. The catwalk is still there but I am wondering for how long. It looks like designers, year after year, are choosing different directions, making their collections strolling through cafes, sidewalks, streets, carousels, greenhouses etc giving them a contest, a background, telling us a story.

However this year I couldn’t keep myself from smiling.

whatsapp-image-2016-12-11-at-12-50-31-pmCara Delevigne opened the show with her usual fleer. J’adore! What I found different is that it wasn’t just magnificent works of art on beautiful models parading in front of the guests. This year it was girls and boys in beautiful outfits who, by chance, were at the Ritz that day, maybe leaving it, maybe coming in, maybe just going for a quick stop at the toilette before ordering a croissant for breakfast, strolling through the tables smiling to the people, looking at each others while crossing paths, saying hi to those who, again, by chance, where there the same day. It was fun, they had fun. 

It wasn’t mannequins with empty eyes staring at a point at the end of the hall, this time we saw young and fresh girls and boys with personalities, winking, dancing, flirting on the notes of
Clouds Across The Moon, Cocomotion and Puttin’ on the Ritz. Beautiful not because they are (and they are) but because they think they are. Dancers in tailcoats were standing here and there to dance with the models, giving to the guests even more entertainment2883539-mannequin-et-un-des-jumeaux-des-twins-lo-950x0-1

And this fresh environment was just perfect to let the guests admire mister Lagerfeld’s latest creations. Lean jackets, fluted skirts and cream color all over, a denim coat with ragged thread embroideries in quilted formations, a hooded puffer, tulle… and on and on with a look at the gilden 20s and the 30s and the lightness of the future.

And Mister Lagerfeld watched the show from a chair like everybody else, with everybody else with his usual charm. As usual, nothing was left to chance, and the result was an outstanding and impeccable not-usual-fashion-show.