You sure have seen some of those photos with amazing landscapes, a woman backward holding a man’s hand. Well we reach out the authors of this so simple yet amazing idea and ask them to tell us something more about how this romantic photo-story came to life.


My name is Murad Osmann and I follow my wife Natalie in the most beautiful places of our planet. What is special about you think? But the fact that I shoot this moment…


We have created a #followmeto photo series on Instagram platform. Today, our project is 4.4 million of subscribers in Instagram, 2 copyrights travel books, TV shows on Russian television and travel in non-stop mode.


First shoot was 5 years ago in Barcelona, thanks to successfully catch the frame when Natalie pulled me by the arm. This was our first trip and we had just started dating. After the first shot, we walked through the city like crazy and shot all the frames with hand. It was the beginning of our love and at the same time was the beginning of the project, and we grew up with this idea. From this point, our story began. After 1.5 years of our pictures written on the front page of the Daily Mail and Buzzfeed, and then we had really a lot of followers.


We work all over the world without borders, because our project is about the beauty of our world, about love, about people and their features!


We do this because we cannot live without traveling. When you begin to explore the world, you cannot stop. And our project it is not only about travel, it is more about love to each other and to the world! We are trying to inspire people to see the surrounding beauty!

…and HOW ?

Preparing to shot takes a really long time. We are discussing all the locations that appear in the frame. Often the route and places changed during the trip, because the local people share the secret stories and we just have to visit these places. And we prepare the route and costumes. This is the hardest part of the preparing, and this has always been Natalie’s work.  This is one of the reasons why I love her, because outfits this is one of those things that make the picture attractive and colorful. We are looking for them sometimes from local designers, sometimes in antique stores or theaters. The process is really amazing and we relate to what we do with great love always!

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We thank Murad and his beautiful wife for the great profile wishing them to keep traveling and take great romantic pictured of their hands, maybe tomorrow adding some small ones!

You can enjoy Murad’s work at and on his IG profile