It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Four days until Christmas. Four days of preparations, of “getting ready for…”. Four days of “OMG there’s no time!!”. Four more days to buy presents, to wrap them in sparkly paper and shiny tape. Four more days to pack and leave. Four more days to sing Christmas songs, to bake cookies, to say “Happy Holidays”. Four more days before the huge meal we will remember until Summer, before kids will start smiling happily with eyes full of wonder while opening what Santa brought them. Four more days of magic.
In these days of craziness and joy in which a lot of  people are going to be disappointed for the lack of snow (because even though Santa comes bundle up on a sleigh with reindeers Winter just begun and we can’t realistically expect that winter wonderland most of us dream about), we most likely have no time to think about what we are going to wear on the day baby Jesus was born. That’s another reason to read The Arils Bowl (besides the amazing articles we write :D)! We are giving you some inspiration for your Christmas outfit (also check out last year Christmas Outifit and Makeup).



Christmas Shine


Look different for xmasss!!!



Whatever you girls will decide to wear, the message we’d love to send is to be yourself this Christmas, no matter what. You don’t have to worry about fitting it, you will fit in as long as you are yourself, because just wearing what makes you feel special will make you shine! So put on the best version of yourself and you’ll be just fine!

Merry Christmas!!