We all have read, at least once, his words. We all have seen here and there typewritten pieces of paper on the internet with touching poems. Facinated by this old fashioned romance I asked the man behind it to tell us more, finding out he is more than a poet, he is an artist with a beautiful soul and here are his 5W!


I am Tyler Knott Gregson.  I am a poet, author, photographer, Buddhist, and artist that lives in the mountains of Montana.  I am a man filled with wanderlust, just trying to see as much as I can before I start again.


I spill it out, whatever lives inside this mind of mine, daily.  I create art from places in myself the voices say to not venture into, and I try to let them out so they can stop being carried.  I walk around with my eyes wide open and believe firmly that everything is a miracle.


I think I always have done it, but I really narrowed my focus about 8 years ago with the writing of a daily haiku each morning.  I’ve not missed a day in 8 years.  Then, about 5 years ago I began writing a full length poem on my typewriter.  It’s been nearly 5 years now without missing a day as well.  I think I love challenging myself, and trying to go beyond what I think I can do.


My writing takes place predominantly in my home in the mountains, overlooking my little town of Helena, but my photography takes me all over the world.  I am lucky to see more of the planet than I thought I would have, and I am so lucky to photography so many people, in so many places.


To be totally honest, because I cannot Not.  If I do not create what I do, I feel like I will burst.  Like all that lives secret and silent inside me will erupt out and I will explode from the weight of it.  I write because there are words, and I will write until there are no more.  I write because sometimes there are things a photograph cannot understand.  On the other side, I photograph because there are things I do not know the words for.  There are translations that do not yet exist, and so photographs must fill in the gaps.  All the art is aimed at the same goal, just different means of getting there.

…and HOW?

With honesty, I suppose.  If I ‘tried’ to write, I’d never be able to keep up with it, I’d have run out of words long ago.  I sit down at a typewriter and I let it go, I stop holding it.  With photography, I Just chase the light.  Everywhere, always.  I think light is what I photograph no matter who, or what, I am supposed to be shooting.  It’s always the light. 

We hope you enjoyed reading his profile as much as we did, you can find Tyler at http://tylerknott.com/

We already ordered his book, what are you waiting for?