After almost two years of efforts and dedication to our The Arils Bowl, I have to leave this adventure.

As many of you probably noticed, our activity drastically lowered in the last few months and now it’s time to break the silence!

I took this decision because of some recent changes in my life which kind of obliged me to choose between our blog and other important things happening to me and the people I care about.

I knew that I had to prioritize my tasks and responsibilities and I realized that the time I could spend in taking care of this blog wouldn’t be enough, at least to reach the result I hope for.

As you probably understood by reading my posts, I’m not really the person who likes writing about stupid things. I’ve always tried to speak about fashion from a different perspective, avoiding stupid considerations and superficial approaches. Well, maybe I didn’t succeed in stimulating attention or interest, but behind my posts there has always been some kind of research.

I mean, I studied all my life, I got the bachelor degree and now I’m getting the master one, so I have a moral obligation to write focused and intelligent things, don’t I ?!

Any way, I just want to thank all the people that supported us and our blog, the friends that read our posts under threat or political deterrence and also all the spam we received, definitely frustrating and sometimes very funny as well.

Thank you for having shared this adventure with me and for the appreciation you showed us!

Still waiting for you in Florence,