5W People

Tyler Knott Gregson

We all have read, at least once, his words. We all have seen here and there typewritten pieces of paper on the internet with touching poems. Facinated by this old fashioned romance I asked the man behind it to tell... Continue Reading →


#Followmeto – Murad Osmann

You sure have seen some of those photos with amazing landscapes, a woman backward holding a man's hand. Well we reach out the authors of this so simple yet amazing idea and ask them to tell us something more about how... Continue Reading →


Never as in recent years the fashion world offers us hair’s accessories of many different kinds, from those Coachella style flowers’ crown to the lace ones, from headband to actual headdresses. In Finland we found someone who has made a... Continue Reading →

Prosac Alwaysmile

As Italians and supporters of Italians tradition and handmade we couldn't help but reach out to the guys of Prosac Alwaysmile. Hipsters all over the world you can't miss this, we simply love them! WHO ?   Prosac Alwaysmile is true... Continue Reading →

The Gay Beards

You for sure have noticed here and there on the internet some decorated beard photo as a new trend. We loved the idea and we talked to those who started it! Say hello to our friends Johnathan and Brian or... Continue Reading →

Kelsey Montague

Walking in New York City I noticed some huge white wings which seemed made with lace or crochet. They were actually drawn in white and under them was written "Whatliftsyou".. so I thought who better than the author, Kelsey Montague,... Continue Reading →

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