Addio Franca, our Fashion Fairy Godmother

Just a few days before this 2016 ends I have to write about another death, hopefully the last one. Dies today Franca Sozzani. Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia since the year I was born (1988). Recently awarded the Swarovski... Continue Reading →


Four days until Christmas… what am I going to wear?!?!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Four days until Christmas. Four days of preparations, of “getting ready for…”. Four days of “OMG there’s no time!!”. Four more days to buy presents, to wrap them in sparkly paper... Continue Reading →

Puttin’ on the Ritz! – Chanel Paris Cosmopolite 2017 Métiers d’Art

Three days ago the 13th Chanel Metiers d’Art show had place in Paris in probably the most perfect place for it. Where Mademoiselle Coco lived for 34 years of her life while creating the signature style we recognize today, the show... Continue Reading →

Franca Sozzani will be awarded the Swarovski Fashion Award For Positive Change

Franca Sozzani, director of Vogue Italia and L’uomo Vogue, will be awarded the Swarovski Fashion Award For Positive Change at this year's Fashion Awards. The ceremony will take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, on December 5. According... Continue Reading →

Inside the house of the Florentine Shoemaker. Chat with Marialisa Sani from Ducal.

There’s a moment in life when everything changes and you start looking at things from a different perspective. A sort of transition takes place and you realize that only once it is already completed. Well, this is my moment. I experimented... Continue Reading →

Prosac Alwaysmile

As Italians and supporters of Italians tradition and handmade we couldn't help but reach out to the guys of Prosac Alwaysmile. Hipsters all over the world you can't miss this, we simply love them! WHO ?   Prosac Alwaysmile is true... Continue Reading →

Book online your tour of the ancient artisan workshops of Florence

I will never stop saying that Florence is amazing. Its cultural patrimony worths than one thousand words and if you come to my city you will understand why I say so.  Each building and each street or square has a... Continue Reading →

Looking for something personal, unique and Made in Italy? Tailoritaly is the answer

In this increasingly complicated and articulated world in which everything is permitted and all people live the same way and wear the same things coming from the biggest fashion industries, we feel the need to be special. And Unique. To... Continue Reading →

Gucci Ghost – Celebration of Art

It’s no news but it deserves to be talked about one more time, for those who missed it. It’s well known now that Alessandro Michele is one of the best things happened to Gucci in the last years. His creativity... Continue Reading →

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