Winter Wonderland – Virtual stroll through New York City’s Christmas Windows

I always say that New York City is the place to be during the holidays. Americans know how to decorate and Manhattan is the highest example of their ability to make everything shining, sparkling, huge, sparing no expense. All the... Continue Reading →


Prosac Alwaysmile

As Italians and supporters of Italians tradition and handmade we couldn't help but reach out to the guys of Prosac Alwaysmile. Hipsters all over the world you can't miss this, we simply love them! WHO ?   Prosac Alwaysmile is true... Continue Reading →

New York Fashion Week 2016 Highlights

The most awaited week by fashion addicts from all over the world is over and as every year it didn’t leave us high and dry. New York Fashion Week once again gave us a few surprises. With the inevitable models... Continue Reading →

L’Eleganza del Cibo

Two weeks ago a friend came visit me in New York and I couldn’t miss the chance to show him around and go back to some of my favorite places. One of these places is the Chelsea Market. I know... Continue Reading →

Can’t afford those Valentino? Split the price

I’m not a huge fan of shopping online, I always found it not as exciting as going store by store looking for hours of what you need and finding something that you actually like more and leaving full of colorful... Continue Reading →

D&G Family

  And here we are again talking about the most famous Italian design duo in the world. Dolce and Gabbana, according to the Instagram profile of Stefano, once again did it right. Premise that these days in Italy the government... Continue Reading →

Flowers Blooming in the Middle East

Let's start by saying that the world is governed by ignorance. And I will not indulge in conspiracy theories in which politicians and media trying to subdue the existence for oil, but it’s unfortunately a fact that no less than... Continue Reading →

The Party’s just Begun

And here we are again, another January, another New Year and other new good resolutions - to add to the old ones that we had last year. Usually, the more common goals (hopes) are to lose weight, make more money,... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Acne

Today I’m going to talk about something that only the luckiest ones don’t care about. Most of the girls, but also boys, during their adolescence  experienced some form of acne, from the very light to the very severe. The psychological... Continue Reading →

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