Winter Wonderland – Virtual stroll through New York City’s Christmas Windows

I always say that New York City is the place to be during the holidays. Americans know how to decorate and Manhattan is the highest example of their ability to make everything shining, sparkling, huge, sparing no expense. All the... Continue Reading →


Ai Weiwei – Libero

Opened yesterday at the Palazzo Strozzi the most awaited and discussed exhibition of this September: Ai Weiwei. Libero (Ai Weiwei. Free). For the first time the entire exhibition space of the building, from Strozzina to the piano nobile, the court... Continue Reading →

New York Fashion Week 2016 Highlights

The most awaited week by fashion addicts from all over the world is over and as every year it didn’t leave us high and dry. New York Fashion Week once again gave us a few surprises. With the inevitable models... Continue Reading →

Rificolona – Florence of lights and traditions

September has started, schools are opening again and children begin to scramble to finish their homework for the holidays, buy backpacks and colored boxes for their pencils and get frustrated for the end of summer. I well remember those days before... Continue Reading →

New York City – All the little lights

Here I am,about to leave New York after two years, trying to put myself together and I'm not totally ready to come back. Even though I missed home, my suffering but still amazingly beautiful country, my beloved Florence, my family,... Continue Reading →

Todo somos uno – The last masterpiece of Eduardo Kobra enlightens Rio

Some time ago I talked about street art by defining NYC an open-air museum ( New York City MoSA) . The article was inspired by a mural in Williamsburg of artist Eduardo Kobra. With the Olympics in Rio the Brazilian... Continue Reading →

Art Endangered

A few days ago fb reminded me that I had scheduled a body painting event which, however, I had to give up. Of course, as often happens to me, taken by curiosity the day after I googled the evening to... Continue Reading →

L’Eleganza del Cibo

Two weeks ago a friend came visit me in New York and I couldn’t miss the chance to show him around and go back to some of my favorite places. One of these places is the Chelsea Market. I know... Continue Reading →

Bridges for Love, Bridges of Love

And while the British people decide to, as we say in Italian, “rompere i ponti” (break bridges - sever ties) with Europe, we talk of those who decided to build bridges. The bridge as a structure (natural or artificial) to... Continue Reading →

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